Best SmartWatches 2020 [Guide]

In this post, i will be able to be share and providing valuable information regarding best smartwatches for the year 2020. These watches are recommended from my very own experience and buy . So, you’ll explore more about these watches through their official channels for more thorough . 

So, let’ begin sharing valuable insights about the best smartwatches in 2020 which can look stylish and assist you in day to day. 

Exploring the Best SmartWatches 2020 


1.Huawei watch 2 

Huawei watch 2 has continuous heart ratemonitoring integrated GPS and Android pay precise tracking of steps and distances. Good battery life and great fitness tracking features. The Huaweiwatch 2 may be a strong contender on the Android wear 2.0 but it’s hard to stay track of future fitness progress and Wi-Fi are often improved

2.Samsung Gear

The Samsung gear sport may be a slim swim friendly design. It works with standard watch bandsit and has good battery life. It also provides solid third party app selection and may play offline Spotify playlist but it requires multiple phone application and it’s amixed fitness monitoring performance.

3. Samsung Galaxy

The Samsung Galaxywatch may be a crisp amo LED screen with a rotating bezel and an accurate pulse monitor. It’s immune to dust and water and lasts up to 5 dayson one charge but is dear and therefore the 46 millimeter version are often a touch bulky Samsung Galaxy watch active a watch witha light and stylish design a SmartWatch with many features for the worth . The Galaxy watch active offers a wealth and fitness tracker features during a versatile and attractive design but it is a bit thick the bezel is fixed and features a shorter battery life

4.Smart Watch

It combines the newest hardware and software from Googlewe’re OS it runs on Qualcomm we’re 3,100 includes GPS andheartrate monitor and precise fitness tracking fitbit

5.Fitbit Versa

It is a light-weight and affordable entry-level SmartWatch that gives everything starters need tostop monitoring their health and improving their fitness it’s manyfeatures for the worth it’s a chic and light-weight design with long batterylife and straightforward to use but there is no on device music storage

6.Fitbit ionic

The Fitbit ionic is one of the great SmartWatch  in the market. It comeswith a vibrant screen and changeable straps which is safe for swimming. Also, have a built-in GPS and NFC Pandora integration an open SDK for app developers and excellent battery life but it’s expensive  considering a friendly budget.

7. Apple Watch series

Apple watch Series three built-incellular connectivity improved pulse monitoring a faster processor andclearer call quality but it’s expensive and LTE drains the battery quickly 


Fitbit versaa sleek and light-weight design with many style options an accurate fitness tracking guided workouts. With Fitbit coach stores music on device and supports female health tracking for the primary time Fitbit helps you understandyour period so you’ll connect the dots between what is going on on in your cycle and what is going on on in your life each night. It uses your heartrate to live the time you spent in light deep and paradoxical sleep get insights so you’ll improve your sleep and make the foremost out of your day it is a coach a companion anda cheerleader 

Fitbit versa shows you the way so youcan make the foremost of each day Apple watch series for its stylish features a large screen good quality, ECG capability and full detection. Lastly, it totally depends upon your budget and requirements to which watch to travel for. Shoot me an email at [email protected] or contact here just in case of any concerns. 

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